Monday, December 05, 2005

I've Been Tagged!

Seven Sevens Tag
I was tagged by

Seven Things To Do Before I Die
1) See my children serving the Lord and living for Him
2) Become more like Him every day
3) Read all the books on my very long reading list
4) Visit England
5) Move to the country
6) Finish a quilt I started years ago
7) Learn to play the dulcimer (I first have to get one!)
Seven Things I Cannot Do
1) Kill a bug
2) Mow the lawn
3) Change a tire
4) Make a decent biscuit
5) Sing
6) Sew (on a machine) without getting frustrated
7) Be normal

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Husband
1) His sense of humor
2) His love of the Lord
3) His work ethic
4) He always makes me feel good when I am down
5) His kisses
6) His love for our children
7) He kills bugs for me
Seven things I Say Most Often
1) I love you
2) Did you brush your teeth (or hair)?
3) Does anyone know where my keys and/or shoes are?
4) Go. Be free.
5) Oh, for Pete's sake!
6) Pooh!
7) Please clean your room

Seven Books (or series) I Love
1) The Bible
2) Jane Eyre
3) Persuasion
4) Pride and Prejudice
5) Loving God With All Your Mind
6) Roxaboxen
7) The Little House (by Virginia Burton)
Seven Movies I Watch Over and Over Again
1) Casablanca (I never, ever get tired of seeing this)
3) Pride and Prejudice (A&E)
4) Sense and Sensibility
5) Rebecca
6) Ball of Fire
7) The Maltese Falcon (or The Big Sleep)

I tag whoever would like to answer these. Just leave me a comment and I'll pop over to read your answers.

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