Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Missionary Stories to Inspire Children

A friend sent this list of books to inspire children about missions to me and I wanted to share it with you:

To Endure Hardships
Worth Dying For - Nicholas Stoltzfus
Deliver the Ransom Alone - Verda J. Glick
The Hiding Place - Corrie Ten Boom
God's Death Squad - Richard Belcher
Evangelists in Chains - Elizabeth Wagler
Coaks of Fire - Elizabeth Bauman
Trouble at Windy Acres - Mary Landis
In My Enemy's Camp - Josef Korbel
The Smoke of a Thousand Villages - David and Naomi Shirbley

To Be Brave At An Early Age And Stand Up For The Right
They Would Not Be Moved - Harvey Yoder
Little Daisy and the Swearing Class
Paula, the Waldensian - Eva Lecomte
Captive Treasure - Milly Howard
The Shining Sword - Carles G. Coleman
Courage of Sarah Noble - Alice Dalgliesh
A Father's Promise - Donna Hess
The Secret Church - Louise A.Vernon
Lost on a Mountain in Maine - Donn Fender
Run for your Life - Betty Swinford

To Be a Servant And Live For Others
Young Prince Hubert - Sidney Baldwin
Three Months under the Snow - reprint from Prism Publications

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe
Nobody Loves Me - O. F. Walton
Only A Servant - Kristina Roy

To Have a Zeal for Missions:
Age 6-10 years
Miguel the Shepherd Boy - Edith Witmer
Mohan in the Jungle - Ella Grove
Sooky of the Philipplines - Mary Miller
Pedro - Marilyn S. Martin
Escape - Mona Dunckel
A Question of Yams - Gloria Repp
Missionary Stories with the Millers - Mildred A. Martin

Age 11-15 years
At Every Gate a Pearl - Shirley Boll
The Smoke of a Thousand Villages - David and Naomi Shibley
Paula, the Waldensian - Eva Lecomte
Seiko - Olga Abrahams
Forbidden Sunday School - Karin Moret
When Will We See Our Father Again? - edited by Margarete Schmidt
Dilek - Mollie Zook
Children of the Hills - Isobel Kuhn
Sammy Morris - Fern Neal Stocker
Gladys Aylward, Bold and Brave for God - Fern Neal Stocker
Gladys Aylward, the Adventure of a Lifetime - Janet and Geoff Benge
Amy Carmichael, Rescuer of Precious Gems - Janet and Geoff Benge
Hudson Taylor, Deep in the Heart of China - Janet and Geoff Benge
William Carey, Obliged to God - Janet and Goeff Benge
Nate Saint, On a Wing and a Prayer - Janet and Goeff Benge
Lottie Moon, Giving Her All for China - Janet and Goeff Benge
Tekko Returns - Alie Vogelaar
What Will Tomorrow Bring? - Betty M. Hockett
Young Man in a Hurry - Iris Clinton
On the Alaskan Trail and Other Missionary Stories - Margaret Jean Tuininga
Trail Maker, The Story of David Livingstone - Robert O. Latham
Friend of the Chiefs, The Story of Robert Moffat - Iris Clinton
Imprisoned in the Golden City - Dave and Neta Jackson
More than Gold - Evelyn Hege
These are My Peple - Mildred T. Howard
Marita - Evelyn Hege
The Smuggler's Quest - Lily A. Bear

Youth to Adult
The Lim Family of Singapore - M. H. Finlay
Vanya - Myrna Grant
The Shadow of the Almighty - Elisabeth Elliot
In My Enemy's Camp - Josef Korbel
Behind the Ranges - Geraldine Taylor
Awaiting the Dawn - Dorcas Hoover
Reaching Muslims for Christ - William J. Saal
John Paton - Benjamin Unseth
Eternity in Their Hearts - Don Richardson
Lords of the Earth - Don Richardson
Peace Child - Don Richardson
Ten Fingers for God - Dorothy Clarke Wilson
Totally Surrounded - Christine Davis
Tomorrow You Die - Reona Peterson Joly
Revolution in World Missions - K. P. Yohannan
Bruchko - Bruce Olson
Torches of Joy - John Dekker with Lois Neely
God's Smuggler - Brother Andrew with John & Sherrill
Through Gates of Splendor - Elisabeth Elliot
The Savage My Kinsman - Elisabeth Elliot
The Great Omission - Steve Saint
Ann of Ava - Ethel Daniels Hubbard
Deliver the Ransom Alone - Verda J. Glick
Mimosa - Amy Carmichael
The Condor of the Jungle - C. Peter Wagner & Joseph S. McCulloughAnswering the Cry - Kenneth Eagle
George Mueller - Basil Miller
Jonathan Goforth - Rosalind Goforth
John and Betty Stam - Kathleen White
Isobel Kuhn - Lois Hoadly Dick
M. A. Thomas The Man with the Heart as Big as India - Richard P. Belcher
God's Orphan Army - Richard Belcher
God's Death Squad - Richard Belcher
Blazing the Missionary Trail - E. Myers Harrison
Judith - N. I. Saloff-Astakhoff
Hidden Rainbow - Christmas Carol Kauffman
In His Name - Edward E. Hale
God Knows My Size - Harvey Yoder
And the Word Came with Power - Joanne Shetler
Daring to Live on the Edge - Loren Cunningham
The Indigenous Church - Melvin L. Hodges
Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret - Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
The Growth of a Soul - Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
The Growth of a Work of God - Dr. and Mrs. Howard Tayor
The Man with the Bird on His Head - John Rush and Abbe Anderson
From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya - Ruth A. Tucker
Brother Andrew - Dan Wooding
Coffee on the Terrace - Bruce Grayden
The Torch of Triumph - Sally Laity
Child of the Crossfire - Alcyon Ruth Fleck
The Go Manual Compiled - Grahame Dryden and Anna Kim
John Hyde - Francis McGraw
Touching the Untouchables - M. A. Thomas
Thirty Days of Prayer with Christ for India - M. A. Thomas
A Passion for the Impossible - Miriam Huffman Rockness
Slices of Life - Aretta Loving
Stronger than the Strong - Louise Morris
The Spirits of Mindoror - Catherine L. Davis
Where There is no Dentist - Murray Dickson

Compiled by Helen Leibee. The books in bold are very highly recommended.

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