Thursday, December 08, 2005

~*~Prayer Request~*~

My husband has worked for the same company for 25 years--ever since he graduated from technical school in 1980. They have been without a contract for four years now. Four years, no raises, nothing. It's been hard! We received word last night that the company is going to reduce its technical staff by 103 positions. They have offered a few options. My husband can be bought out. He has 25 years so the amount of money he would receive would be significant. The buyout would also include a payment toward the cost of health insurance coverage continuation.

If he decided to stay, he would probably be relocated. The likely choices are New York, Los Angeles, or Washington, DC but it could be anywhere!

If they don't get enough people to leave, then they would start "involuntary reductions" until the 103 reductions were made. I think "involuntary reductions" is a fancy way of saying "letting you go". Of course, if he were let go, then that severence package would be out the window and he would get two weeks and bye-bye!

Please pray for my husband as he has this decision to make. This is a big, big decision. If he left, he would have to find another job and he doesn't have a college degree. Even though he has 25 years experience in his field, so many companies want a college degree. It's so frustrating.

Please pray for me also that I would be a helpmeet to him in this area. That I would be cheerful and encouraging. Of course, I would go where he goes but it would be a very big adjustment. I have really only moved one time and it was hard. My dad was in the Army when I was younger but when he bought our house in NJ when I was nine, we didn't move after that. My parents still live in that house. I moved out when I was 23 but only to the next county so I kept all my friends, etc. I next moved when I married my husband but only to his apartment and then to our first house. Again, it was right in the same community so we kept the same friends, the same church, etc. I had only been to one church.

Then in 1990 we moved here to Virginia. I left family, friends and church and it was difficult but I love it here. We have been in the same house since we moved and my children have grown up here. My two oldest were 4 and 20 months at the time and JK was not even born so this is the only home they have ever known. JM will be a senior next year and I would like to see him graduate from his school. And I have some dear, dear friends here. Our church family is so, so special!! It is our family since ours is in NJ and they are not believers.

So, as you can see, there is a lot to pray about. Please pray for God's wisdom and clear guidance! My husband sent out a letter today to some of the men at church to pray for him during this time. We only want to do what is best and to follow Him.

Thank you so much!!

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