Monday, March 13, 2006

C.S. Lewis and Narnia

(this is a little dark!)

On Friday, JK and I went on a field trip that was wonderful. It was the theatrical retelling of author C.S. Lewis' life by a professional storyteller. In between stories, we:

~had a lesson in archery

~a lesson in fencing, along with some medieval history, taught by a master fencing instructor (one of only 54 in the U.S.!)

~experienced a British tea party, featuring samples of British foods and Narnian treats, including authentic Turkish Delight

~designed and painted our own family "royal crest" on a take-home plate.

After the field trip, we drove to a local motel where Children's Books was set up, convention-style, and having a great sale on their books. JK picked up C. S. Lewis' space triology and has been reading it ever since!

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