Friday, April 21, 2006

Here at Home This Week

Overall it was a quiet week--at least during the day. The weather was nice and today we had rain! I love rain in the spring because it washes away all the pollen. Every morning I wake up to a yellow-green coating on my car and everywhere. Pollen is in abundance in Central Virginia! When it rains hard, the water rushing down to the gutters is green. I never saw that until we moved here.

Monday night I went to the homeschool support group meeting. The leader announced that she is stepping down and if no one takes her place, the group will fold. The new homeschoolers were understandably worried but she assured them that as they spend more time homeschooling, they will gain confidence. I agree. The only reason I joined the group was for field trips but we've only gone on two this year anyway. She also announced that our field trip to Washington, DC has been cancelled due to lack of response. Boo hoo! I was looking forward to going but I might try to put my own group together.

Tuesday night was stamping and I made about a dozen cards. Our hostess had two "make and take" samples and I made a bunch of each. It feels good to come away with lots of cards because I don't get a chance to do a lot here. Actually, I did make about 5 cards last week for some upcoming birthdays. We had a great night of fellowship! My friend, who is home from Costa Rica and leaving for Honduras in June, was there so she got to talk with some of the ladies from church. She said she had a nice relaxing night and enjoyed the fellowship.

Wednesday JK had an orthodontist appointment and her rubber bands were removed. That was our only day out this week but we still had "school lite" this week since I had a lot of work to do around here.

Wednesday night Heidi and Mark, our missionary friends, came for dinner and we got to catch up on all that is happening with them and to just enjoy each others' company.

Thursday night Titus 2 was cancelled and I was glad. I still had to go out to take JK to karate but it wasn't as rushed as it could have been. I stayed to watch her fight and she did a good job. I was supposed that they really fought. I mean they were hitting hard! Now I know that she'll be able to protect herself if she gets in a sticky situation.

Tonight was our game night but my dh had to work late so JK and I watched some TV and played our games when he got home.

As you can see there was not too much excitement going on around here but that's okay. JK learned some new chores this week and also made snacks for our stamping night--so I would say that was a good week.

I did manage to walk 2 miles this week and I did good on my points for Weight Watchers. The true test will be tomorrow at weigh-in!

How was your week?

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