Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Easy Southern Banana Pudding

Easy Southern Banana Pudding
3 cups cold milk
2 pkg. (4-serving size each) instant vanilla pudding
30 vanilla wafers
3 medium bananas, sliced
1 tub (8 oz.) whipped topping, thawed

Pour milk in a large bowl. Add dry pudding mixes. Bet with wire whisk 2 minutes or until well blended. Let stand 5 minutes.

Arrange half of the wafers on bottom on up side of 2-qt. serving bowl. Top with layers of half each of the banana slices and pudding. Repeat all layers. Spread whipped topping over pudding.

Refrigerate 3 hours or until ready to serve. Store leftover dessert in refrigerator. Makes 14 servings, about 2/3 cup each.

Monday, August 28, 2006


"But housekeeping is fun, and I think the women who hate it lack imagination. It is one job where you enjoy the results right along as you work. You may work all day washing and ironing, but at night you have the delicious feeling of sunny clean sheets and airy pillows to lie on. If you clean, you sit down at nightfall with the house shining and faintly smelling of wax, all yours to enjoy right then and there.

And if you cook---ah, if you cook---that creation you lift from the oven goes right to the table."

~~Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow Seasons~~

Sunday Hymn

A Charge to Keep I Have

A charge to keep I have--
A God to glorify,
Who gave His Son my soul to save
And fit it for the sky.

To serve the present age,
My calling to fulfill--
O may it all my pow'rs engage
To do my Master's will!

Arm me with jealous care,
As in thy sight to live;
And O Thy servant, Lord, prepare
A strict account to give!

Help me to watch and pray,
And on Thyself rely;
And let me ne'er my trust betray,
But press to realms on high.

~Charles Wesley

Friday, August 25, 2006

Quiet Resting Places


Isaiah 32:18, "And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places."

A quiet resting place! Doesn't that sound idyllic? It sounds like a wonderful vacation, to me. But let's get back to the real life. It's not always quiet when you have lots of children around you. There is often so much to do that life doesn't seem like a rest! I know that I would have to go away for a vacation to have a rest from my busy life around here.

And yet this is what God calls our homes-resting places. I don't think it is necessarily a rest from noise and activity (although we need these respites from time to time). I believe it is a rest from fear. A rest from tension and strife. A rest from anger, bickering and fighting. A rest from complaining and grouching. These are the things that put strain upon your home. It's not the noise of children; it's not the hard work-it is the wrong attitudes! They cause frustration and vexation of soul more than outward circumstances.

Jesus gave us a wonderful invitation to rest, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." (Matthew 11:28-30)

Do you notice there are two rests He calls us into? Firstly, the rest of sins forgiven when the burden of the guilt of sin is rolled away. Secondly, you can experience a deeper rest in your soul as you take His yoke upon you and learn of Him. As the ocean is calm underneath even though the violent storm tosses the waves above, so you can experience a deep rest in your soul even when the waves of turmoil billow over you. You can have a rest of spirit in your home, even in the midst of noise and the bustle of activity.

Of course God also wants us to have times of literal rest, too. The evenings should be quieter times of family togetherness. My daughter Evangeline's home is not always quiet with her eight children (and she is the rowdiest of them all!) but when they come in for supper time, she expects them to change from being cowboys, Indians, pirates, or army guys etc. and welcomes them into twilight zone. She dims the lights and lights the candles in the winter time to promote the quieter atmosphere.

God also gives us one day a week to rest from our work and the busyness of the week. This also helps to make your home a resting place.

Another Scripture where God calls our home a resting place is Proverbs 24:15, "Lay not wait, O wicked man, against the dwelling of the righteous, spoil not his resting place." God does not want anyone or anything to spoil your home. Deal severely with anything that spoils the rest in your home. Are you harboring a bad attitude to someone? Forgive and put it right. Are you mad with your husband? Forgive and take a humble attitude. Are you complaining about anything and everything? Get your attitude right. It's not worth spoiling the rest in your home. 2 Chronicles 23:21 tells us how the land if Israel was quiet when they got rid of evil.

Don't be like the Israelites. God called them to rest but they would not receive it. "In returning and rest shall you be saved, in quietness and confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not." (Isaiah 30:15) Perhaps you are too busy doing things out of the home that you have no time to create peace in your home. When you return home you will find rest. Zechariah 10:6 Knox says, "In their own home, says the Lord, I will give them rest."


"Dear Lord, please show me the attitudes in my heart and in the things in my home that spoil the rest. Give me strength to get rid of them for I want my home to be a resting place for everyone in my home and all who come to visit .Amen."


In the midst of lots of noise
I will never lose my poise,
Although my work may never cease
I will never lose my peace!

Many women like to save these devotions. They print them out and keep them in a folder to read over and over again. Some print them out and pin them on the fridge with a magnet to read through the week. If you are printing this devotion and need it to be smaller, highlight and change to a smaller font.

If you know others who would be blessed by these devotions, you are welcome to forward them or let them know they can subscribe by sending a blank email to

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Unto Myself

Unto Myself

Unto Myself, my dear child, I would bring thee!
Who like Myself thy sure solace can be?
Who can reach down, down so deeply within thee?
Give to thy heart such a full sympathy?

Mournest thou sore that thy loved ones have failed thee?
Failed, sadly failed thy true comfort to be?
"Why did they fail" dost thou ask? Let Me whisper--
"That thou should'st find thy heart's comfort in Me."

Unto Myself! Ah, no, not unto others,
Dearest, or sweetest, or fairest, or best;
Only in Me lieth unchanging solace;
Only in Me is thy promise of rest!

Child of My love, to Myself I would bring thee!
Not to some PLACE of most heavenly bliss:
Places, like people, may all disappoint thee,
Till thou hast learned to drink higher than this.

Unto Myself, my dear child, I would bring thee!
None like Myself thy full portion can be!
While, in my heart, there is hunger and longing
That I might find choicest treasure in thee.

Unto Myself! To Myself--not My service!
Then to most sweetly and certainly prove
That I can make thee My channel of blessing,
Use thee to shed forth the wealth of My love.
~J. Danson Smith

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Purse Cake

Today is my oldest daughter's 20th birthday. We're going to have a birthday dinner Sunday night and she has requested that I make hamburger pie, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, and biscuits. For dessert I'm making this cake (this will be a surprise) :

I'm going to be making it in pink, though, because that's her favorite color and because she is definitely girly-girly!! Here's the recipe if you would like to try it. There are many more great cakes like this over at the
Betty Crocker site.

Purse Cake
Candies, cake mix and ready-to-spread frosting are about all you need to create a fun purse cake.
1 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® cake mix (any flavor)
Water, oil and eggs called for on cake mix box
1 container (1 lb) Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy vanilla frosting
Desired food color
1 piece green peelable string licorice
1 jellied ring candy
Assorted small multicolored hard candies

1 . Heat oven to 350°F. Grease bottoms and sides of 2 (9-inch) round cake pans with shortening or cooking spray.
2 . Make cake mix as directed on box, using water, oil and eggs. Pour into pans. Bake as directed on box. Cool 10 minutes; remove from pans to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 1 hour.
3 . Use serrated knife to cut one-fourth off each cake to form a straight edge about 7 inches long as shown in diagram (discard small pieces of cake or save for another use). Spread about 2 tablespoons frosting on bottom side of 1 cake. Place bottom side of other cake on frosting, matching cut edges. On serving plate or tray, stand cake, cut side down. Cover; freeze 1 hour or until firm.
4 . Tint remaining frosting with food color. Frost cake.
5 . Use peelable string licorice for handle and jellied ring candy for clasp. Decorate purse as desired with assorted candies. Store loosely covered at room temperature.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Week in Review

Last week was pretty quiet around here. All of the downstairs is organized and clean! It seems like I am always doing this but I guess that is how it is to maintain a house. One of the hard things I have keeping up with is newspapers! We just started receiving the daily paper in July and it piles up quickly. What I've done is take a laundry basket and put it behind our couch. Now when the paper is read, we toss it in there. I haven't been recycling but now I think I will because these papers take up a lot of space in our trash cans.

Wednesday was JK's last day of bowling in the summer league. We had a nice party and awards were given out. She ended up with an 85 average and a high game of 122. After the party, they had free bowling where the kids just bowled for fun. JK did a lot of trick shots through her legs, backwards, etc. It was really funny!! The Fall league starts on September 9th and she is looking forward to that. She will move up to the Jr./Majors, which is 12-21 so she will be bowling against some of the older ones this year. Should be interesting!!

Thursday night JK was in a karate ceremony where she received her yellow belt. She worked very hard to achieve this and we were very proud of her! She takes classes with 6 of her friends so that makes a nice time of fellowship for her while she is learning. I really didn't know much about karate before she took this class but I have to tell you that it is truly very good exercise. One class is for 1.5 hours and the other for 1 hour and she works and sweats the entire time. Her heart and body are definitely getting a workout.

Thursday JK and I went to a pool party for our local homeschool support group. The group will not be meeting anymore so this was a final farewell. We had a beautiful day and it was good to meet up with friends I haven't seen for a while. The group will continue to "meet" via e-mail, which is great way to get information out. And if anyone wants to schedule field trips, we can do that also. We just won't be having the physical monthly meetings anymore.

Saturday morning all the local office stores had their Teacher Appreciation Days but I didn't make it to any of them. I have so many pens, markers, Post-It notes, etc. that I really don't need any of the free things that they were giving away. One store always gives away a totebag but I don't need that either! This coming week Michael's is offering 10% off everything to teachers (including sale prices) so that might be something I'll look into. I can always use more stamping supplies .

This morning our associate pastor, Rick, spoke on 1 Peter 2:1-3 about desiring spiritual milk. He asked something that I have been thinking about all day. "When have I said, 'I long for the Scripture'. The word long in the passage is strong desire. Do I have a strong desire for the Word? Do I long to have like a baby who cries for milk?" I read the Word each day, I study it each day but I don't think I desire it like he was talking about. I want that desire! I want to cry for it each day.

Of course Rick didn't leave it there. He encouraged us to increase our desire for the Word by:
~praying: ask God to create that desire
~spending time in the Word: discipline myself to do this; have a plan
~having accountability: have someone who can ask me, "How are you doing in your pursuit of Christ?" Isn't that a great question to ask other believers? I love it!!

May the Lord create that desire in me to long (have a strong desire ) for His Word more and more each day.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

This and That

I noticed today that my hit counter was over 10,000. Wow! I think that means my blog has been viewed 10,000 times?? Who would have thought?? That's pretty neat.

This morning I took my ds to a SAT Essay Workshop at
HEAV, our state homeschool association. He got many practical ideas on how to take that part of the SAT, which he'll be doing this fall! Yikes!

While I was out I ran a few errands. I stopped at Michael's Craft store and picked up some brads for making cards. When I went to their clearance aisle, I found a set of three pots in a tray that I can use for paper clips, rubber bands, etc. I had bought a set a few weeks ago when they were $3.00; this week they were $1.72 so I picked up two sets!

I finished up there and drove down to a local teacher's shop that has a teacher appreciation week every year. I don't normally shop there because it's more for classroom teachers but I like going to the appreciation week as they have good sales, prizes to give out, etc. Well, I found the neatest thing for JK to use while she studies her flash cards. It's called Score Tracker. It lets you quiz yourself and keeps track of the right/wrong answers and the time. You clip flashcards to it by a ring and then practice. Here's a picture:*

You can't see the flashcards there but they are on the left-hand side. You press the yellow button to start the timer; then read the first question. Say your answer. Correct? Press the green button. Incorrect? Press the red button. When finished, press the yellow button and then check your stats.

I'm going to use this for states/capitals and for our Latin/Greek root cards. I think this will make it more interesting than me reading them aloud or JK just studying them. Hopefully this will motivate her to study!!!

After the teacher store, I went to a thift shop where my dh wanted me to look at some tables. We're going to be fixing up our spare room and we've been looking for an end table and some kind of table to put our old TV on along with the various video equipment. Well, I didn't like what was there but I did find a great bargain for $3.25. It was a brand-new, still in the box, cookie press from Pampered Chef. I checked their website and it retails for $27.00.

I'm so thankful for the Lord leading me to this! I have been wanting one for a long time and now I have one of the best for a little over $3. He is good!!

I was on my way home when my ds called an hour early to tell me to pick him up. Before I could head over to get him, he called back and said a friend from church who was also at the workshop would be driving him home. I saved on gas! That's always a blessing.

It is so awesome to see how God takes care of me in these little ways. They are like refreshing drops of encouragement coming down from heaven. They are a reminder that He cares for me. He cares for the sparrow, how much more He cares and loves me!

*For some reason my pictures aren't loading so I'll try to post them later.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

This Week at Home

The hot weather has continued all week. We're still hot but the humidity has gone down *a little* so that has helped. Next week it's supposed to cool down into the 80's. Break out the coats!!

I haven't posted much because of busyness around here. I'm almost finished the schoolroom and will post pictures when it is completed. By the way, I couldn't post pictures of the new ant farm because the light kept bouncing off the glass. It looks really neat, though. I posted pictures from an advertisement of the farm on
my other blog. You can pop over there and look if you'd like.

Speaking of ants, they have entered my kitchen! Not the ones from the farm, but outside ones. I can't stand those beasts!!! I guess they are looking for a cool place to stay. I only have one cabinet in my kitchen that contains food and yesterday I saw about 10 in there. I took everything out and sprayed. I also went outside to spray around the house. The exterminator is coming next week but in the mean time I wanted to get rid of them now! I haven't seen any this morning so I'll wash the cabinets and put everything back. Hopefully, they will not make a reappearance.

We are watching my oldest dd's dog this week while she is away. What an experience that has been. Snickers is a puppy and so full of energy. It's been a lot of fun having her around. The nicest part is that she is really cuddly. When one of us sits down to read or watch TV, she jumps up and cuddles next to us. I love it. She is so soft and warm.

JK got a job taking care of a friend's cat while they are away on vacation. She is looking forward to caring for it and playing with it. It will be her first pet sitting job. I'm sure the first of many!

Well, that's all from here. How was your week?