Friday, June 22, 2007

Camping Time!

Tomorrow (today actually) we are headed out to the country for a camping trip with our church. At last count there were about 29 families going; roughly 130 people! I think the church will look empty this coming Sunday.

Today was spent packing all our gear. I told Michael that we certainly need to take a lot of stuff just for 3 days: tent, sleeping bags, food, stove, etc. I'm really excited this year because we bought a screen tent that we can put the picnic table in and enjoy bug free meals. It will also be a nice place to sit in at night.

This afternoon I made some brownies and muffins to take. Since it will be warm, I'm not cooking as much as I did when we went in September. Dinner tomorrow night will be Italian sausages for Michael and I and hamburgers for Julianne. Saturday's breakfast will be muffins, eggs and bacon. Lunch is pbj's and chips! Dinner will be chili which I've already made and frozen. I'll just need to cook it a pot. Sunday morning breakfast will be oatmeal (in these handy little cups that you just add water to make) and cereal. Easy!

Michael loaded up the van this afternoon so we are almost ready to go. I will update you when we return. I'll be taking lots of pictures so I'll share those also.

See you on Monday or possibly Tuesday. Monday might be spend doing laundry and putting away all the camping stuff.

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