Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A New Project

A dear, sweet lady at our church, who has been teaching quilting for 22 years, has formed a class for nine of us who want to learn to quilt. We meet on Monday nights in the church building. I am having a wonderful time. I took a quilting class years ago before Jessica (21) was born but never finished it because I got pregnant and then very sick! A lot has changed since then. I remember having to cut out each individual square and piecing it all together. Now there are rotary cutters and it is soooo easy.

I chose Christmas colors for my material since we should be finished before the beginning of December. Our teacher actually thought we might have time to do two of them. She said we were very good students. I know some of the ladies are as they are accomplished seamstresses. I'm just thrilled that I am keeping up with them! We already cut out a lot of the strips and one section is sown together. Our homework is to cut the sewn section into strips and to make our checkboard center.

I will post updates as this project progesses!

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April said...

Oh...I have been itchin' to do some quilting lately and here you go and post about it.

I am an amateur quilter. I have only done 1 large quilt a few lap quilts and table runners but enjoy making things with my hand.

I love the prints you picked. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Blessings.