Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Piano is Gone

We decided to get rid of our piano since no one really plays it anymore. I sent an e-mail out to some people at church asking if they would be interested in a piano--for free! A member, who is a piano teacher, brought one of her student's parent today to look at the piano and she decided to take it. The movers came about two hours later. Even though it wasn't played much, I will miss it.


Amy, A Redeemed Sheep said...

That's how we got our piano! It was from someone who didn't have anyone playing it, so they passed the blessing on. I am so grateful and I'm sure the family getting your piano is, too. :o)

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I can understand why you're sad and can also see the blessing. Wish I had lived closer. :D

Renna said...

I would really like to get rid of mine, but everytime I mention it, both my grown kids have a fit. It hasn't been played in years. It's an old upright antique and takes up valuable floor and wall space!