Monday, September 29, 2008


I was going to post some pictures today but I can't find my cable! Oh well, I'm sure it will turn up soon.

Julianne had her school pictures taken today at Maymont Park in Richmond . The park is so beautiful and after days of rain, it turned out to be a great day for photos! I took some alongside the photographer and if I ever find my cable, I'll post them.

Trish and I started reading "Fear Factor" by Wayne and Joshua Mack for our Wednesday night studies. We're only on the third chapter but it is very good. In the margins Wayne has some highlighted quotes that really cause us to think. Here's a few:

You should be courageous not because of who you are and what you've done, but because of who God is and what He has done!

Believers can stand strong because the Spirit within them is so powerful.

Stop looking to yourself for courage. Stop making excuses. Start relying on God!

If you are dominated by fear, worry, and anxiety, your problem is that you are too self-centered.

It's not wrong to be distressed, to be troubled, to be frightened, or to have those emotions. It is wrong when those emotions control you.

If you were looking for an easy ride when you became a Christian, you got on the wrong roller coaster.

The reason you are becoming troubled is not because of your circumstances; it is because you are not exercising your faith. You are looking at your situation as if God does not exist.

Anyone can say they believe in God, but when the tough times come, why they really believe becomes obvious.

One part of the book that really ministered to me was when he was talking about the Holy Spirit. He reminded me that I have the power to overcome fear and sin because I have the Holy Spirit residing in me--the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is in me! We have the courage and power to stand strong in tough times because the Spirit within us is so strong. What an encouragement!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday at Home

Well, Michael is gone this week to NYC for a meeting with the union. He's VP so, of course, he has to be there. Julianne and I were thinking of going with him but now I'm glad we didn't. Everything is soooo expensive up there. He said to use the internet in his hotel it was $10 a day. Needless to say, he won't be using it at the hotel!

Yesterday the siding was finished on the house and it looks good. My desk is now in front of my new window and I love it! I put all my potted plants on the window and they are very cheery. My computer, however, is still on the other desk but hopefully Michael will get it all hooked up before he goes away on his next trip!

I'm spending the next few days clearing out "stuff". When we re-did all the rooms, I took out all the pictures, knick knacks, etc. and now I have no place for them. Some of the pictures I'll be using again but not all. Most of the other things, I'm not keeping. For right now they are in several boxes awaiting a decision! I don't know if I have time to do a yard sale but it would be nice to get a little cash. Then again, I'm so tired of this room looking like a junk heap that I'm ready to chuck it all and start over with a clean slate.

I have been working on my pantry the past few days. I'm going through and making an inventory list. I thought I knew what I had but obviously I didn't because I found 3 cans of cocoa! So, I printed off the pantry inventory list from Organized Home and am in process of completing it. I've done this for the freezer but didn't think I needed it for the pantry. Wrong!

I read this verse this morning: I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me (Ps. 13:6). It reminded me that I should always be rejoicing for what the Lord has done for me. He has given me the gift of His Son who died for me to save me from my sin. Now if that doesn't cause us to sing to the Lord, nothing will. So, "sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise Him. Praise the Lord with the harp; make music to Him with the ten-stringed lyre. Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy." (Ps. 33:1-3)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Virginia Beach

After the Third Day concert, we spent the night in VA Beach. We walked down the the beach but it was way too hot to stay out in the sun. We were very glad to get into our air-conditioned car and drive the two hours home.

Music Builds Concert/Virginia Beach, VA

Third Day:

This is Julianne and me meeting Third Day!

These were after Third Day's set, jamming with the other bands:


Robert Randolph, who plays a fine, fine steel guitar!

Jars of Clay: