Thursday, November 13, 2008

Autumn Here at Home

The above are all pictures of our maple tree as it changed over the past month.

The view from my schoolroom window. The trash cans belong to our neighbor :-(

Looking down our street.

Rose of Sharon seeds

Does anyone know what kind of plant the above is? It's comes up every year.

Dogwood leaves

One of the bird feeders in our front yard. My desk is right behind that window so I get a great view of the all birds!

One of our backyard feeders--squirrel proof!

Trees in our backyard


Renna said...

My maple tree looks much like your's in the picture, but with a few more leaves on it, still. I missed it at it's peak, since we were gone camping last week. There's still a lot of green foliage here. Most of the Bradford Pear trees are still green, with tinges of red.

Jamie said...

John says to tell you that the plant is Bishop's Weed. Here's a blog that mentions it: