Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday at Home

It's a beautiful Spring day here and the sun is finally out after it raining since Thursday! I'm thankful for the rain because it washes away all the pollen. Jared has such bad allergies this time of year so I am always thankful for the rain! However, it was so nice to wake up this morning to sunshine and blue sky!

Julianne takes classes at a local co-op two times a week. The new catalog is now in and it's time to make decisions on what classes she needs next year. Eeek! She needs Spanish 1, Algebra 1, Biology, U.S. History and Writing/Literature. Since the co-op only offers 4 class periods and some of the classes are at the same time, I need to decide what she's going to take there and what we'll do at home. I know for sure that Biology and Algebra will be at school. After daily tears with Jessica over math, I vowed never to teach it at home. Haha! So far, so good!!

I also need to register for the state convention that is coming up in June--which is not as far away as it seems! I really don't see many workshops that I'm interested in attending, so I may just sign up for the 3-day shopping pass.

Ok, things are crazy right now because Jessica is over on her day off so she can upload a bunch of software to her new :pink: laptop! Julianne is down here working on her folder on the book (The Bronze Bow) she just finished in Writing/Literature. It is always hilarious when the three of us are together. Much love and laughter.

Gotta run!!


Sharon said...

There you are Elaine!!
You stopped by my blog and mentioned that you'd just read the passage that I posted...God help us to stay in His Word, eh?
I like that your "Serving Him at Home", that is significant and most ladies that are stay at home moms do not always remember that they ARE serving Him at home.
It was good to read some confirmation about the Proverbs passage. GOD HELP US. xoxoox

Thandi said...

Ha ha.I have terrible fears about the day when i will start to teach them Maths.Hopefully by that time I'll have convinced my husband to do it!