Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Member of the Family

We got a new puppy today! Ever since Squirt died last year we have been wanting a beagle. The other day a neighbor boy was walking the cutest little beagle. I saw him again today and asked him where he got her. Turns out a neighbor a few streets over was selling beagle puppies for cheap! So.......I called Michael to see if it would be ok and he said yes! I went right over and picked one out. Isn't she cute? I don't have a name yet but am leaning toward Arwen.....ever the LOTR geek that I am!

Dasher with her new friend
So cute!

The newest member of our household!


Philippians 4:4~7 said...

Oh!! Cute, cute, cute! She is so little. Is Dasher happy?!?! What did Michael do when he saw her? Are you in LOVE?!?!?


A Servant of the King said...

Dasher is not quite sure who this intruder is! They do have a lot of fun playing in the backyard. Arwen is already taller than Dasher. Tee hee! Michael really likes her. Jared and Julianne were kind of sad when they first saw her b/c they reminded them of Squirt. I am falling in love but not there yet....she needs lots of training! I forgot how crazy puppies can be!! I'll keep her ;-)

mom210blessings said...

clasOh, how cute arwen is! she must meet my Mr. Knightly! Hey, does Julianna take Latina Christiana at home this year? does she like it? Let's talk latin! Veni, Vedi, Dormivi!!! Our drama schedule is about to finally end...and then maybe I will have some free time....our last production is this weekend...My Fair Lady. 3 musicals in one semester is a bit much!!! Anyway...hopefully we can pull up sometime in the next couple of weeks. Miss you! Pam

A Servant of the King said...

Thanks, Pam! When Arwen is trained, then they can get together. Remember Squirt and how she used to go right into her pen when told? Well, Arwen is the opposite of that!

Would love to get me!

Renna said...

She's darling! I can only imagine how much fun your family must be having with her!

She and Dasher look sweet together. :-)