Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here at Home

Monday was spent in close contact with my washer and dryer. I'm thankful for these "servants" in my home. I always think it would be fun to live back during "Little House" days but really it would be a lot of work. I'm sure we wouldn't have as many clothes as we do now but.....what we did have would be hard to wash and dry! So, I'm thankful for my servants who make my day easier.....washer, dryer, bread maker, dishwasher, crockpot, etc.

I finished the last load earlier today but still need to fold all the towels. Laundry....never-ending fun!

Tonight was open house for Julianne's co-op. This year she will be taking Algebra, Biology and Advanced Writing/Literature at the co-op. At home we will be doing History and Spanish. I ordered Rosetta Stone yesterday so I'm all set for the school year. I can't believe it's almost the end of August. I'm really not ready yet! At least we have two more weeks until we begin formal studies.

I found out Julianne can take the PSAT this year! She can take it at a local church here in Richmond. Yeah! I think this school year is going to be intense. All her classes are going to be time-consuming with lots of reading, writing, vocabulary words, etc. Her biology class will require 1.5 hours of study time on the days she's not in class. Eeeek! We're not used to that!
We are going away on Thursday night to Washington, DC. Michael has meetings all weekend so Julianne and I are going to do some sightseeing. On our list to visit is the zoo and the Spy Museum. I'm looking forward to spending time with her. I just wish Michael was able to join us.

This trip will be my last one for a while, Lord willing. Once I get back on Sunday, I am staying home. I am really trying to plan my weeks so I am home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since Julianne will be gone all day Tuesday and Thursday, I hope to use those days for errands and for any ministry work.
What are your plans for the fall? Are you making any changes to your homeschool? I would love to hear from you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!!

U. S. Route 301 and me are becoming fast friends! I've been up and down it quite a few times this summer. I enjoy much better than Interstate 95. The view is much nicer and the stress level is way down. A lot of the times I'm the only one on the road. True, it does go through a few towns and there is some stop and go traffic but it's worth it to arrive at my destination relaxed and refreshed.

My week in NJ was good. My mom and sister are doing well but the whole situation of getting the house in order is stressful! I'm sure my mom will be thankful to have her house back in order. I had a rough time when I pulled up to the house and saw the last of the backyard trees being cut down. My dad planted them long ago. I wish my mom would have kept them and trimmed them back instead of cutting them down. The backyard is now very, very hot since there's no shade.

We took a break from working and went down to Cape May for the day. I was so happy! We walked down Washington Street to shop, looked at the houses, ate Kohr's frozen custard, walked on the beach, saw lots of dolphins and then watched the sun set at the lighthouse.

Now I'm back home and back to reality. School starts in three weeks! Thankfully I have all Julianne's curriculum except for Spanish. I signed up Julianne for school pictures the last week in September. Every year they are taken at the Italian Garden of Maymont Park in Richmond. Julianne has had her taken since she was 3! Only 3 more years to go......

I also have the reality of all the housework I need to do. I had so many plans for the summer but now they will have to be done in the fall. Julianne will be in school all day Tuesday and Thursdays so I hope to get a lot accomplished during that time. But, as I found out this summer, God may have different plans!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back in New Jersey

I'm back in New Jersey until next Tuesday. I wanted to see my mom and sister now b/c when school starts, it will be hard to get up here. I don't know when I'll see my sister again. I'll have to talk Michael into taking me to Vegas. Hey, Michael, what say ye???

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Found Pictures

I found these pictures in my dad's camera. I think this was his last hike in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey; March 2009:

This is my dad speaking about the Pine Barrens to a class at Burlington County College in March of this year:
Here's the display he made for his talk:

My dad and sister in March 2008 when he visited her in Nevada:

This was taken in October 2007. This is how I will always remember him. BTW, he's 87 here!!
This is my grandfather, Ben; my grandmother, Grace and my dad!!

I miss him a lot.