Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Washington, DC Trip

The last weekend in August we had a chance to go up to Washington, DC for a few days. Michael had to go for business and we didn't see much of him because he was in meetings most of the time. Julianne and I went to the International Spy Museum and the Zoo. We also went out to the Hard Rock Cafe one night. We didn't do a lot of the monuments or museums this time; this was a very laid back trip. After all that has happened this summer, it was nice to get away and relax. Our hotel was very nice and right down the street from the Capitol. It was really special to go out each day and see it rising above the trees. We were also a few blocks away from Union Station so we had fun looking at all the shops in there and riding the Metro to the Zoo.
We did get to see Michael one night when everyone he was with had dinner at B. Smith's in Union Station. Very nice! Julianne was able to get vegetarian ribs, which she said were very good.
Pictures of the zoo to come later.....

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