Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Morning Adventure

While filling up the dogs' water bowls this morning, I heard a loud thud. I looked around the yard and TWO squirrels had fallen out of a tree! I couldn't believe it. I went over to them but they weren't moving. Oh no! I ran in the house to get my cell phone (to call Michael) and when I got back they were gone. Yeah! But....then I saw one of them a little ways away and it wasn't moving....only blinking its eyes. I didn't know what to do.

I talked to it for a little while and it just keep looking at me, blinking its eyes. It was so pitiful!! I knew I couldn't let the dogs out!! Finally, I moved really close and it jumped up and ran away, although limping. I was rejoicing!!

So, I think everything is ok and I go in the house to let the dogs out. I put them out too soon! As soon as the dogs were out, I see the squirrels on the fence. Arwen runs over and got a hold of one! I then chase Arwen who drops the squirrel and it runs up a tree. It appears to be fine. I'm thinking the other squirrel ran away also but, no, there it is in the neighbor's yard--frozen to one spot and the dogs won't stop barking at it. Dasher was furiously digging under the fence to get over there. I tried everything I could to bring them in, even shoving a treat right under their noses haha. Finally, I went in, got their leashes and brought them in.

I just checked a minute ago and the squirrels seem to be gone. What a crazy morning!!!

PS: I am so thankful I was out there when they fell; otherwise I would have just let the dogs out and those squirrels would have been dead. God is good!!


Jamie said...

John would have rejoiced if the dogs caught them! I guess not everyone appreciates squirrels the way we do.

Khourt said...

Yay for saving squirrels!!

kimberly in idaho said...

First of all, I stumbled onto your sight by doing a search for missionary stories for children. So...thank you for the excellent list. I love your squirrel story. Back in April one of our cats actually brought a baby squirrel into our yard, unharmed, but scared. I trapped the cats into the garage and waited for the mom to find it. About 3 hours later it was still laying in the yard so I put on garden gloves and placed it in a blanket. I never knew a squirrel could scream, but he did. I tried to comfort him and he calmed down. Well, I ended up taking care of him for 4 weeks (he was too small to survive on his own). I fed him with a medicine dropper and cleaned out his cage daily. My husband wasn't thrilled, but the kids and I loved it. We know God loves ALL creatures. I let him go in our huge walnut tree, he hung out there for a couple days then went on his way. I hope my kids always see how good God is, especially in the little things such as this.