Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On the last weekend of June many members of our church get together to go camping. This is the of the hottest of the year. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 104*. Ouch! I just checked the area where we're going and it looks as if the temperature will be in the mid-90's and the evening will cool down to around 65. That's not too bad. Last night the low was about 75!!

Every year when we go camping, I like to cook either on our stove or grill but I'm wondering if we're going to feel like eating hot food. I was planning on having hamburgers the first night and sloppy joes the second. Maybe I will make some chicken salad instead and just have burgers the second night.

I'd better get busy and plan this out! I hope it is cool where you are; if not, stay inside!

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