Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

For Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outside my window...partly cloudy and slightly warm; all the snow is melted!

I am thankful…for God’s Word

From the learning rooms…nothing today; Julianne is home sick with a stomach virus

From the kitchen...IHOP is giving away free pancakes so instead of going out, I’m making pancakes for dinner!

I am pondering…this quote from John Piper: “If we don’t want God above all things, we have not been converted by the gospel.” Powerful, convicting.

I am creating...I want to finish the bib I’m working on but I ran out of the one color I need and I can’t match it from my stock. I sent an e-mail to the company to request it but haven’t heard from them. Now I’m working on a pillow case.

I am reading…in Deuteronomy right and seeing how a lot those laws were meant to protect the Israelites from various diseases and such. To me, it shows how God is concerned with every area of our lives.

I am hoping...that we have seen the end of the cold weather. I love winter and snow but am now ready for spring!

Around the house...I’m working hard to catch up on all the chores I didn’t do while I was sick.

A few plans for the rest of the week: not much—errands to the library, grocery shopping

Here is picture I am sharing... none this week. I can't upload any pix to Blogger!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

This and That

This week started out slow since I was so sick but I started to fill better on Wednesday. I was so thankful to be done with that cold. It's funny, Julianne and I were just talking last week that I haven't had a cold in about 3 or 4 years--and I get sick. Funny!!
I made a Beef and Potato Casserole the other night. It's one of my favorite comfort foods and reasonably easy to make. You can find it on my recipe blog, Serving Recipes at Home, here.
After years of using different rugs and mats in front of my sink and counters, I decided to purchase a GelPro kitchen floor mat. I only got it today but I can already tell the difference. It's very cushiony and I hope it will help my feet from getting sore when I'm working.
We had Fellowship Group tonight and are making our way through Respectable Sins. One of the things we discussed in length was that nothing (or no one) causes us to get impatient or irritable. It is our own heart and sin that causes us to act that way! But we are not without hope!! God has given us the Holy Spirit and His power to overcome our sin. We have a choice whether to respond to a situation in a godly way or a sinful way.
Today it was 53 degrees and tomorrow it's supposed to be near 60. Woot!! I love snow and I love winter but once it hits the 50's during the day, I'm ready for spring. I noticed the buds are full on our maple tree. Spring is only a few weeks away.
Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Outside my window...a cool sunny day; still have patches of snow on the ground. We actually have a week without any forecasted snow!

I am thankful…that I don’t have to go to work when I’m sick; I’m thankful I can rest here at home

From the learning rooms…just ordered a typing program for Julianne; she needs to work on her electives

From the kitchen...I’m not sure; I have some hamburger thawed but I’m not feeling up to cooking much tonight.

I am wearing...sweats and slippers, my “sick” attire. Haha!

I am creating...not much since most of my time has been spent sleeping; I can’t concentrate on much

I am reading…If I Perish; a biography about a young Christian woman in Korea who was imprisoned during WWII

I am hoping...that I feel better s.o.o.n.

I am hearing...Dasher (our dachshund) snoring

Around the house...everything needs to be dusted and vacuumed. Energy? Where are you??

One of my favorite things...soup; I could eat it every night

A few plans for the rest of the week: concentrating on getting better; I had to cancel Fellowship Group last week and I don’t want to do that again
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The latest snowstorm was supposed to be only a rain event for us. This morning it snowed...again. I think we received about 4 inches. So for your viewing pleasure, more snow pictures!

Squirrel tracks

Looking through a knot hole in our gate


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snow Video

Another Snowstorm!!

Games to play while it snows:

Soup for lunch:
Our dogwood at the beginning of the storm:

This afternoon:

The mail was still getting through yesterday; haven't seen a truck today!

Our snowstorm did come through! Yesterday it snowed about 4 or 5 inches before it turned to rain/sleet last night. Somewhere in the wee hours it changed back to snow and now we have about another 4 or 5 inches. We are nowhere near what people got farther north. My mom (in South Jersey) has about 2 feet and it's still snowing as of 5:20 pm.
As of now we still have worship tomorrow but I don't know if that will change. We are going down into the teens tonight and all this snow and slush is going to freeze. The plows haven't even been through yet. I wonder if the youth will have their Super Bowl party tomorrow night?
Julianne did have co-op on Thursday and the public schools went in two hours late but were closed Friday because of the storm; so they were off most of the week. I'm sure the children are happy until they realize that they have to make it up at the end of the year. Another advantage to homeschooling!
I've been keeping busy working on my embroidery projects, playing games, reading, cooking and baking and watching TV. Julianne and I finally caught up on Emma. So far, so good! We'll be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow night but will DVR Emma to watch later.
There is more snow/sleet forecast for Tuesday and Tuesday night and possibly another coastal storm this coming weekend. I'll keep you posted.......

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday at Home

The snow is still on the ground but the roads are clear. I thought I would have to go out today but Julianne's co-op classes were cancelled. Today was also when our church feeds the homeless and that was cancelled also. I guess some of the streets haven't been plowed yet; and Julianne's classes are in the next county, which is very rural, so I'm sure a lot of those roads haven't been plowed.

Right now it is starting to sleet and it might change over to snow sometime tonight. There is little accumulation expected. There is also talk of another storm this weekend which could bring us more snow. Is this Central Virginia? It's crazy!
I decided to make some muffins this morning. They were perfect for this chilly, cloudy day. So delicious hot out of the oven. Yum!! You can find the recipe on my recipe blog!!
I added my reading list for 2010 to the sidebar. I'm hoping to be able to read all the books listed and more!

I finished "Life Management for Busy Women" and really enjoyed it. It's not a book of practical ideas, like something from Martha Stewart or Cheryl Mendelson but more on the spiritual side of managing our lives as wives and mothers. Elizabeth George focuses on managing 7 areas in our lives: spiritual, physical, home, financial, social, mental, and ministry. Each consisted of two chapters: the first chapter focuses on the discpline and the second offers some "how to's".

I especially like that the first thing she focuses on is our spiritual life and having a passion for God's Word and a passion for prayer. We must be women of the Word!!

I've never written an official review of a book before so I'm not sure how it's done but I do know that I did enjoy this book and its focus on managing our homes and lives to the glory of God. It's easy to find homemaking books, and the two authors mentioned above have some good ones, but this book helps me to "do all to the glory of God" and to manage my home with the Lord in mind.
Julianne has decided to take a rest from karate for the month of February. She is concerned about her grade in biology and wants to work hard on raising it. She is my best student so far as managing her time and schoolwork. I almost never have to tell her to work on anything. She is very disciplined in getting it completed on time and she does a thorough job on everything she is given. She is a blessing (even if she didn't do those things!).
At last, but certainly not least, the long wait is over and tonight begins the sixth and final season of......LOST!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Monday, February 2, 2010

Outside my window...sunny, blue sky with about 11” of fresh snow on the ground!

I am thankful…that I am able to stay home to serve my family; I would not want to be driving on these roads

From the learning rooms…no snow days here

From the kitchen...we will probably have leftovers tonight as I cooked a lot of meals last week

I am usual attire: jeans, shirt, slippers…and I’m wearing a scarf because I’m cold

I am creating...a bird lap quilt; it’s an embroidery project that I’m really looking forward to working on

I am reading…If I Perish; a biography about a young Christian woman in Korea who was imprisoned during WWII

I am the Lord to continue to work in my children’s lives

I am hearing...Maranatha Singers on my iTunes

Around the house...folded laundry that needs to be put away

One of my favorite things...snow!! And we might get more later this week!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: carpool tomorrow if there’s co-op classes, Fellowship Group on Saturday.

Here is picture I am sharing...

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