Thursday, March 10, 2011

John 21

John 21
1.   Jesus is the Word, the Lamb, who paid the price so dear
2.   He turned water into wine; the temple He did clear
3.   To Nicodemas He told at night, “You must be born again.”
4.   And to the woman at the well, He cleansed her heart from sin

5.   The Father and the Son are one, this is what He said
6.   He fed 5000 men and more for He’s the Living Bread
7.   The unbelieving Pharisees are blind and do not see
8.   That Jesus came to save and His truth will set them free

9.    Sight was given to the blind man to which nothing can compare
10.  And we, like sheep, would go astray without the Shepherd’s care
11.   Jesus raises Lazarus from the grave so still
12.  And rides into Jerusalem—a prophecy to fulfill

13.  Jesus, at the last supper, shows His humility and love
14.  And that He is the only way to come to the Father above
15.  He is the vine, we are the branches and in Him we must remain
16.  So when trouble comes, take heart!  It was He who overcame

17.  Jesus prays for all the saints so that we won’t be left alone
18.  Peter denies the One he loves while Jesus stands before Pilate’s throne
19.  Jesus dies alone on the cross so sinners He can save
20.  But Hallelujah—look—He is not there!  It is an empty grave

21.  Now Jesus did eat breakfast with the men of Galilee
       And restored Peter to the fold as they walked beside the sea

So now you know of Jesus and I hope that you are smitten
As His love and works would fill more pages than man has ever written!

(Years ago at a Precept Bible study the class was asked to write a poem or song about the book of John.  This is what I wrote; the numbers correspond to each chapter in the book.)

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