Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hiding Place


For the last few days whenever I'm in my car, I've been listening to The Hiding Place from Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre.  It is so good (as all their productions are).  What an amazing story of God's grace and  the power of His love in peoples' lives.  Corrie had every reason to be bitter, especially after the war when one of the Nazi guards asked Corrie to forgive him.  But, she chose love instead.  Only God's grace could do that!

If you get a chance, please listen to this!

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Recipes

I tried out some new recipes and added them to Serving Recipes at Home.  They include:  Unstuffed Pepper Casserole, Chili, Rolls and a Banana-Nut Cake.  I hope you'll go over and take a peek!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quiet Days at Home

This week has been full of quiet days at home.  I enjoy those so much.  I am able to catch up on chores, complete the entire cycle of laundry (wash, dry, fold AND put away), bake some goodies, spend time studying the Word and have a leisurely hour or two of reading.  I still have to take and pick up Julianne from classes but the rest of the days are gloriously free of obligations.  I try to savor them when they appear because lately they have been few and far between.

I finished Finding Focus in a Whirlwind World.  As Kay Arthur said, "Every Christian who is actively serving the Lord needs to read it...and then keep on the shelf to be read again, for it contains timeless truths I need to keep as intimate friends."  I agree!

Up next is:

The subtitle is "A Woman's Guide to Intentional Living".  One of the things that I truly am striving for is live intentionally.  Not to just go along during the days, weeks, months and years without a specific plan or just reacting to what comes my way--but to live for Christ intentionally.  Seeking ways to serve Him and others.  Enjoying fellowship with Him.  Those things don't happen naturally.  I'm looking forward to reading this.

On quiet days it sometimes feels like I should be "doing" something...some activity or service...but then I realize that I am doing something.  I am serving my family and the Lord.  Even though I am home, I can still send a card of encouragement or make a phone call.

Thank You, Lord, for quiet days at home where I can savor You and serve You and enjoy life to the fullest.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Path of Life

You have made known to me the path of life; 
You fill me with joy in Your presence, 
With eternal pleasures at Your right hand.

Psalm 16:11

Friday, October 07, 2011

Take Time to Be Holy

Take time to be holy
Speak oft with thy Lord
Abide in Him always
And feed on His Word;
Make friends with God's children
Help those who are weak,
Forgetting in nothing
His blessing to seek.

Take time to be holy
The world rushes on
Spend much time in secret
With Jesus alone;
By looking at Jesus
Like Him thou shalt be
Thy friends in thy conduct
His likeness shall see.

Time time to be holy
Let Him by thy Guide
And run not before Him
Whatever betide;
In joy or in sorrow
Still follow thy Lord,
And, looking to Jesus,
Still trust in His Word.

Take time to be holy
Be calm in thy soul
Each thought and each motive
Beneath His control;
Thus led by His Spirit
To fountains of love
Thou soon shalt be fitted
For service above.

(W. D. Longstaff)

Monday, October 03, 2011

Third Day Preview

Just a few; more to follow: