Monday, May 21, 2012

The Radical Question

I recently listed to The Radical Question by David Platt.  This book starts out with a story of what believers in East Asia go through just to meet and read the Word of God (read by narrator Lloyd James, who I enjoyed very much).  They meet in secret; if they are found out their tongues could be cut out or they may lose their lives.  David Platt says they have shown by their sacrifices how much Jesus means to them.

He then asks the question:  What is Jesus worth to us?  By us, he means Americans.   He then goes on tell us what it means to sacrifice for Jesus.  He tells us to sacrifice it all.  All=the American dream, our stuff, our priorities.  We have a choice and should choose to die to ourselves and sacrifice our lives, gifts, skills, family and resources to make Christ known.

While I was convicted of having too much stuff and not living enough for the Lord, the author didn't really explain how I go about sacrificing all.  Do I just sell everything to go into missions?  I wish he would have given some practical ideas on what it means to sacrifice all.

He ends the book with the same radical question:  What is Jesus worth to me?  He then exhorts the reader to "...stop living as if this world is our home."  All well and good but how is that done?  What does it look like?  I think I would have enjoyed the book more if it didn't leave me hanging on a question that wasn't answered.

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